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Aug 15

It’s 2013, Banks, Wake-up, Women Are Customers!

 I can’t believe I am still dealing with this crap in 2013:

I am the joint owner of the referenced investment account.  I am taking the liberty of responding to your correspondence addressed to my husband, ***, regarding our account. 

***** and I have been married over twenty-five years, during which time we both have been employed full-time as *****.  The monies in the investment account, as well as additional funds held in checking, savings and CD accounts at *** Bank, are the fruits of our joint efforts in the practice of our profession over that lengthy period.

No doubt by this time you are wondering why I am sharing these details.  It is to provide context to my complaint that your communications regarding our account are uniformly and solely addressed to my husband, *** as a “valued Capital Directions Client.”  Not only is this insulting to me personally, it is counterproductive for you, because if **** was the sole decision maker, it is likely that our money would be buried under our shed in our back yard (especially after our accounts lost one-third of their value shortly after being placed in the investment account, but of this we shall not speak further).

I am aware that the letters may be generated automatically.  If that is the case, *** Investments, as an institution, may want to consider whether it is good business to ignore women clients as a matter of routine.

May 25

He paired this with an acknowledgement that “girls are on the rise.”

“Last year, women got more of every single advanced degree than men around the world, which is unheard of,” Zimbardo said.

” —

Zimbardo: Boys are struggling | Stanford Daily


This quote is from an article about the book “The Demise of Guys”. Philip Zimbardo (leader of the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment) thinks video games, porn, and girl power have led to the ruin of men. Feel his manpain.

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This is hilarious - he doesn’t demonstrate any actual decline in the acheivements of boys and men - he simply states that they are not doing as well as girls/women.  I guess anything other than clear male superiority is a problem that needs to be fixed. 

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May 15

Being Critical: Toddlers and Tiaras -


Each Wednesday at 10pm TV audiences watch on TLC (The Learning Channel) as a few girls and their mothers prepare for and compete in a Glitz beauty pageant. The age range of these girls is about 2 to 10 and the show, Toddlers and Tiaras, is now in its fifth season. The show portrays overbearing…

I watched this show and it is some of the sickest shit on TV.  Nobody in their right mind would teach their daughter: (a) your value is your beauty; and (b) your “beauty” is defined by the narrow standards of a bunch of strangers in a hotel conference room.  These poor girls are in for a rough ride in life.

Apr 27

Your tone seems very pointed right now.: Why do people think that women getting the benefit of the doubt when it comes to custody of children is a 'female... -


Even though it wrongly excludes able male parents in many cases, it also asserts that females are naturally more fit to care for children, and even that they’re supposed to. That’s sexism. And clearly, it fucks everyone over.

This is why I’m not ready to call myself a gender egalitarian instead

To the extent that this privilege exists, it was created by males - the overwhelming majority of legislators and judges are male.  It is not women oppressing men, it’s men imposing their sexist views on both men and women.

Apr 19


Sunday news programs are completely dominated by Republican white men. 

Shouldn’t they be in church?


Sunday news programs are completely dominated by Republican white men. 

Shouldn’t they be in church?

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Apr 16


I need feminism because when I go to work, I take my son to daycare/school, but his father is never asked what he does with his child when he goes to work. Only feminism can change the imbalanced parenting expectations between men and women.

My husband took my daughter to and from day care but they would call and tell me if they had any issues with her clothes/packed lunch, etc.  Apparently those thing were my job.

I need masculism because …


… men are murdered at a rate of almost five times that of women.

Source:  Department of Health & Human Services

But buy whom?

Mar 07

Just a reminder - sex outside of marriage -

An article on the fact that sex outside of marriage is nearly universal in America.  A reminder to Rush Limbaugh and his ilk.

Mar 06


Mar 02

Rush Limbaugh - insane